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Luhan receives his Guinness World Record certificate!


EXO-M’s Luhan has just received his certificate for his Guinness World Record achievement!

Luhan currently holds the title of having the most comments on a Weibo post.

His Weibo post, which he made on September 2012, garnered over 13.2 million comments!

He completely surpassed the the runner-up, who still had a whopping 8 million comments on their post.

EXO Luhan receives his Guiness World Record certificate for most Weibo comments

13.2 million comments… in 2012, when EXO was still new.

It’s amazing how powerful these boys are.

Congratulations to EXO-M’s Luhan for snagging such an achievement.

His popularity is just at the beginning stages as well.

We hope he keeps his Guinness World Record for a long time.

We actually kind of want to see if he can surpass his own record in the coming years.

Keep up the good fight Luhan.

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