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M.Pire adds new member Lumin to their group!

M.Pire has gained a 7th member! His stage name is Lumin, but fans already know who he is because he used to be LeeU from F.Cuz!

Lumin revealed on Channel A’s “Star Family Song” that he had just joined M.Pire as a new member. He was there with his father, renown trot singer Sul Woon Do, where he sang duets with his father, and even sang M.Pire’s debut song “Can’t Be Friends With You“.

The M.Pire members made a surprise appearance to show their support for their newest member.

This also confirms why JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong composed a new song for M.Pire! Lumin and Jaejoong are close friends, so it makes sense that Jaejoong would want to help make M.Pire more famous and successful.

M.Pire adds new member Lumin to their group

Normally, fans would be against companies adding new members to an idol group, but since M.Pire is still new and since Lumin is already popular in the Kpop industry, fans are ecstatic to have him on-board.

M.Pire and Lumin will appear on Star Family Song tonight at 11:00PM KST. There you can see how well Lumin performs and how great of an addition he will be to M.Pire.

We’ll get to see how well Lumin and M.Pire work together when their new single comes out on October 30th!

Source: Allkpop

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