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M.Pire debuts on M! Countdown with “Can’t Be Friends With You”


M.Pire made their very first debut stage yesterday at M!Countdown with their title track “Can’t Be Friends With You”. The 6-member rookie group took the stage and showed off their capabilities in both singing and dancing. Their choreography was very impressive, especially at their level, and their vocals, while not particularly amazing, were addicting and enjoyable.

M.Pire is a new rookie group signed by Benjamin Entertainment. They released their debut single album “Carpe Diem” several hours before their performance. Benjamin Entertainment was also supposed to release M.Pire’s debut music video for “Can’t Be Friends With You” yesterday, but they seem to be falling a bit behind.

M.Pire makes their debut with Can't be friends with you on M Countdown

This new Kpop Rookie group has shown some promise, and they impressed fans with their very first performance at the 2013 Dream Concert back in May, so they already have a running start with their debut. However, one little kink in their debut is that they aren’t part of a relatively known entertainment label, so in order to garner more attention and gain more fans, they’ll have to work extra hard during their performances.

You can check out M.Pire’s performance at M!Countdown below. Personally, I think they have potential, but my opinion may vary from yours.

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