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M.Pire ranks #2 on Japan’s Chart for Top K-Pop Music Videos – B.A.P takes 1st place

M.Pire, a rookie K-Pop group from the lesser known Benjamin Entertainment, may be still struggling to develop a strong fanbase in Korea, but it seem as though the boys are already a huge hit in Japan.

M.Pire’s music video for “Can’t Be Friends With You” has managed to snag the #2 spot on a Japanese chart that ranks popular K-Pop music videos. Unfortunately for the boys, the #1 spot was taken by B.A.P and their blockbuster music video for “BADMAN”.

But if we’re looking at this in a positive light, M.Pire is slowly, but surely gaining massive popularity, hopefully enough to help them secure their career in the K-Pop music industry.

M.Pire ranks #2 on Japan's Top K-Pop music videos chart

M.Pire is currently promoting their debut album “Carpe Diem” in the Korean market, but their rise has been ever-so-slow (the unfortunate side effects of being part of a small entertainment label). Perhaps if the boys were to head over to Japan to promote, they may be able to increase their popularity and develop an impressive fanbase that will help them have a successful comeback.

M.Pire's Can't Be Friends With You music video ranks #2 on Japanese music charts for K-Pop music videos

Just a thought, because we know that K-Pop is more popular internationally than it is in Korea.

We hope M.Pire all the best of luck. They’re a talented group, and because they’re the underdogs in the industry, we’re rooting even harder for them (because everyone loves an underdog).

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  1. Iam Novelist says

    I couldn’t agree more. M.Pire deserves the popularity. They’re good in their own way, I must say.

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