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M.Pire releases their latest single album “New Born”!


M.Pire, our music vampires, are back with both a new member and a new single album!

The single album is called “New Born” and it contains 3 songs, including their title track “Kka Ttak Kka Ttak (I’m Better)“, a track composed by JYJ’s Jaejoong called “On My Mind“, and their 1st single “We Can’t Be Friends”!

While I like “Kka Ttak Kka Ttak”, I feel like the chorus is lacking the “oomph” needed for it to be a hit. I feel like it’s a nice, catchy track, but it’s definitely not the track that they need to put them on the map.

M.Pire is back with their new single album New Born

“On My Mind” on the other hand is a whole different story. I actually do think that they should use this as their promotional song instead of “Kka Ttak Kka Ttak“. You can tell from the getgo that this song was composed by Jaejoong.

The song is beautiful from beginning to end. The rapping part is even beautiful (and I’m usually not a huge fan of the rap portions in songs).

Check out their single album below!

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  1. Natsumi Sasaki says

    I agree with what you wrote about using on my mind as a promotional track!
    Usually i’m not a fan of ballads but that ballad is AWESOME 🙂

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