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M.Pire’s fans reject their official fandom name “Fan.Pire”


Due to a huge onslaught of negative feedback, M.Pire has decided to forgo using “Fan.Pire” as their official fan club name, and they’re now re-deciding what their fandom name will be called.

They’re holding “voting rounds” to let their fan café members decide what their new name should be called, and once the process is finished (which should be really soon), we’ll have our definite answer.

I don’t blame M.Pire’s fans for hating the name “Fan.Pire”. It sounds too generic and it doesn’t really work well together with M.Pire’s image. Granted a lot of official fan-club names don’t really have anything to do with the artists they’re supposed to represent, at least they sound somewhat awesome (Cassiopeia’s, SONES, Black Jacks, etc). Here’s hoping that M.Pire’s true fandom name comes out incredible, making people actually want to join.

M.Pire fan.pire fanclub name rejected

It’s also surprising for a group as new as M.Pire to already be making an official fandom, especially since even popular groups like EXO seem to be running really far behind in the process. But it’s smart on M.Pire’s part, because by developing a loyal fan base so early, they can help further solidify their positions in the K-Pop industry.

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