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Magazine featuring EXO’s Chanyeol sells out within 3 minutes

EXO’s Chanyeol was recently featured on the cover of Trends Health magazine in China.

Fans were eagerly waiting at their computers to purchase a copy of his magazine.

Within 45 seconds of the online sales for the magazine becoming available, fans had already purchased 20,000 copies.

6,000 more sales were made 15 seconds later and within 3 minutes, all of the magazines were sold out.

Trends Health has already told fans that they’re reprinting a new batch of the magazine and that they will be available as soon as possible.

EXO’s popularity is no joke.

Seriously, just stick their faces on anything and it’ll sell out instantly.

Here are what fans are saying about Chanyeol’s magazine selling out, translated by NetzOnEXO:

OP: The idol who sold 20,000 copies in 45 seconds once the online sale was up – EXO Chanyeol

It was sold out almost immediately. This is not even concert ticketing, crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Lastly, the most ㄷㄷ part, the pictures were not edited but his actual looks.

Please let pictorial genius EXO take up more pictorial jobs……

  • [PANN] The idol who sold out 20,000 copies in a mere 45 seconds

Overall: +363; -116

[+75; -4] Sold 20,000 copies in 45 seconds and 26,000 copies in 1 minute! It was fully sold out in 3 minutes and had to be reprinted

[+69; -13] My friend who helped me buy the magazine in China said that Chanyeolie and Sehunie are very popular there. No matter how you belittle EXO, their popularity is still huge in China…

[+55; -3] He looks even more handsome because the pictures are not edited

[+17; -3] Chanyeol and Sehun’s popularity in China is really high

[+15; -4] Is it possible to sell this many copies? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m speechless

[+12; -2] When i first saw the pictures, he was so handsome i got a shock

[+10; -0] The server looks really stable. It’ll be great if they can use this server for concert ticketing…

  • [WEIBO] Sold out 20,000 copies in 45 seconds! (Trends Health official weibo)

Overall upvotes: +2395

– Because he deserves it

– You picked the right celebrity, please be good to our Chanyeol

– You must share this good news with Chanyeol!!

– Can you please invite Chanyeol (for pictorial) every month? I’m begging you

– If you didn’t open the online sale during school time, the sales would be a lot more

– I did not do too badly, i bought it in 16 seconds

– 45 seconds, our Chanyeol is a miracle!

– Data proves everything

– Because he is Park Chanyeol, because he is our pride

– Chanyeol (magazine) that i can buy in my country ahhhhhhhhhh!

– Inviting Chanyeol was the best decision that you made

– After i made payment, i reloaded the page and saw that it sold 20,000 copies. I was so shock i thought my phone was having problems

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