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Man invades EXO Chen’s privacy at the airport

If you’re at the airport and you see a bunch of girls squealing and taking hundreds of pictures, you’re bound to get a little curious.

But normally, you would maybe poke one of those girls and ask what all the commotion is about…

That wasn’t this guy’s mindset.

This older, white male decided to satiate his curiosity by just going into EXO Chen and his manager’s face.

Talk about invasion of privacy, and something tells me that the guy was kind of making fun of Chen and the fan girls, based on his exaggerated facial expressions.

Man invades EXO Chen's privacy at the airport

Both EXO Chen and his manager were weirded out by this random guy, but luckily Chen has a great sense of humor.

After the guy left, Chen just broke out in laughter.

Like, “What the heck was that about?”.

EXO-L are all in agreement that this guy shouldn’t have just barged into Chen’s personal space like that. It was rude.

Check out a couple of fan’s Vines on the incident below.


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