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Mark receiving love from netizens all around


NCT-U’s Mark has been receiving praise left and right for his rapping performance in “The 7th SENSE“.

Netizens are loving him just as much as fans are.

In the Naver comment section for NCT-U’s “The 7th SENSE” music video, there are rarely any comments about Taeyong.

Everyone’s talking about what a wonderful job Mark did, and how there’s “finally” a real rapper in SM Entertainment.

NCT The 7th Sense digital booklet itunes 9

That’s not all though. Some comments compliment how every member of the group looks handsome, how fresh “The 7th SENSE” is, how the music video is very artistic and visuallly pleasing, and more.

I’m glad to be reading so many positive comments towards NCT-U.

Check out the comments below, translated by @Cosmiclatte:

  • Of course, even if people curse at a new SM group it ends up rising. What’s with EXO fans getting worried, upset and annoyed because a new group is out. … No group is forever the maknae, SM is always going to come out with new groups and invest in them. Sunbae groups go overseas. (+807, -70)

  • Feels like SM got a real rapper. (+658, -116)

  • Honestly… The coloring in the MV is killer and cool, the dance too.. (+638, -79)

  • Maybe it’s because it’s SM but there’s no visual hole.. (+550, -100)

  • The song is fresh… I’m surprised that it’s an SM songㅋㅋㅋ SM idols always get bad comments even before debut, so just ignore it and hwaiting. (+521, -80)

  • It’s a break from the usual SM rap so I personally like it (+510, -68)

  • A rapper came out of SM….. It’s a real improvement….(+476, -60)

  • Seems like I have to listen to the song and watch the dance again. SM’s art director planning ability is awesome;; (+449, -49)

  • Oh, an SM kid that can properly rap. (+389, -66)

  • It’s somehow cool, different from the boy groups SM has come out with until now. (+339, -48)

  • Seriously… If it’s like this they’re pioneering a new genre… (+218, -38)

  • Wa this is seriously well-made. (+201, -30)

  • A kid who can properly rap and dance finally came out of SM ㅋㅋ I think the youngest looking kid is rapping. He’s also good at dancing. (+177, -28)


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