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MBC confirms that there is no “official” EXO’s Showtime Instagram account

The MBC Every1’s PR team has confirmed that there is no official EXO’s Showtime Instagram account, so EXOtics beware.

The Instagram in question is here.

So if any of you are following this account, take their information with a grain of salt.

Or at least know that it’s a fan account rather than an official account.

MBC confirms there is no EXO's Showtime Instagram account 1

Some fans began to question the authenticity of the Instagram account, and they contacted MBC Every1’s PR team directly.

Here is a transcript of the conversation provided by xqxqxh.

MBC confirms there is no EXO's Showtime Instagram account

And here is also a recording of the phone call in question.

Making fan accounts is fine, however, becoming impersonators isn’t… and I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal.

We’re not sure whether MBC will be taking any action against this account, like filing a cease and desist order.

Maybe MBC will require that the Instagram account updates its profile to let everyone know that they’re not an actual official account.

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