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MBC Idol Futsal with Luhan and Xiumin to air on June 12th!

MBC’s Idol Futsal special featuring EXO’s Luhan and Xiumin will air on June 12th!

The Futsal special was recorded to celebrate the upcoming FIFA World Cup, and it features many top idols competing in a friendly game of futsal (soccer) for a great trophy.

We hear that Luhan especially did spectacular during his games, but we won’t reveal any details because we don’t want to spoil the fun!

So a week from now, stay tuned! We’re glad that Luhan and Xiumin are regular guests on MBC’s Futsal specials.

And we’re glad this time they kicked some major ***!

MBC Idol Futsal featured EXO's Luhan and Xiumin to air June 12th

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