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MBC Morning News confirms EXO’s comeback for November

While we’re still waiting for an official announcement from SM Entertainment, MBC’s Morning News segment confirmed that EXO will be having a comeback in November! Their exact words were that EXO will have a “November Counterattack”.

If you remember, earlier this month, there were reports going around from numerous news portals saying that EXO was planning on coming back in November, but SM Entertainment semi-denied those reports by saying that EXO’s comeback was “still up in the air”.

Well apparently there’s a leak somewhere in SM’s business because more and more information keeps coming out.

MBC Morning News confirms EXO's comeback for November

Sports Donga also reported on the story, saying that EXO is anticipated to be releasing new material next month!

This is all very exciting, though I’m still a bit upset that EXO hasn’t been given much time to rest.

We already knew that EXO’s comeback was going to be soon, especially since the EXO-M members were trying their hardest to not spill the details. Now we have even more proof that EXO will be gracing us yet again next month!

Are you excited for a new album? Are your wallets ready?

Source: FY_EXO

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  1. Andrea Christiana says

    they need some rest… just give them some rest first then comeback. why is that so hard? I’m a fan and I’m afraid they’ll get sick…

    1. Vanessa Anne says

      I agree with you. I mean, I’m happy that they’re having a comeback but I think that its better if they let them rest first.

  2. Maddie Z says

    I am so excited to see a comeback from EXO, but isn’t it a little early. I think SM may be pushing them a little too hard, the industry is getting really competitive and rookies are debuting constantly. Give them 4 more hours of sleep, so don’t criticize about not them trying hard enough. They are fatigued.

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  5. lun says

    /cries because money

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