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Miranda Kerr follows Sehun on Instagram!


EXO’s Sehun must be going “Yehet!” right now because his long time crush, Miranda Kerr, has just followed him on Instagram!

Congrats Sehun! Fanboy away now.

As we all know, Sehun has been crushing on Miranda Kerr since forever, so for her to follow him on Instagram must have made this one of the best days of his life.

Take note EXO-L. September 17th, 2014, the day one of Sehun’s wishes came true.

Miranda Kerr follows EXO-K Sehun on Instagram

Sehun fanboys Miranda Kerr like we fangirl (or fanboy) him.

He has stated on multiple occasions that she’s his ideal type.

He has her as his phone’s wallpaper, and he keeps up-to-date with what she’s up to.

Miranda Kerr follows EXO Sehun on Instagram

He was upset that he had to miss her broadcast on SNL-Korea, but of course he watched the episode later.

Miranda Kerr isn’t just fanboyed by Sehun though. She’s actually very popular in South Korea because she’s what they consider the ideal standard of beauty.

One girl worshiped her so hard that she actually got plastic surgery to try to look like her.

We just want to congratulate Sehun on getting his idol to notice him. Maybe someday he’ll interact with her on Instagram.

  1. ShyQuietGirl says

    LOL Sehun… yehet! Fighting!~

  2. ShyQuietGirl says

    LOL Sehun… yehet! Fighting!~

  3. LiLithepanda27 says

    Ah~congrats Sehun 😀

  4. LiLithepanda27 says

    Ah~congrats Sehun 😀

  5. EXOtic4LIFE says

    Congrates Sehun! Yehet ~

  6. EXOtic4LIFE says

    Congrates Sehun! Yehet ~

  7. sehuna says


  8. sehuna says


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