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Mnet News states EXO’s comeback will be on March 20th

Mnet News has just reported that EXO is expected to have a comeback (a real one this time) on March 20th!

Of course, we have to take this news with a grain of salt because SM Entertainment has yet to confirm.

Mnet’s report isn’t too far off from “Economics Today”‘s report that EXO will have a comeback in February, so who knows, maybe we should expect to spend a lot of money around those months.

EXO is expected to comeback with a 2nd mini-album instead of a 2nd full-album this time around, but then again, a lot of things can change in a matter of months.

EXO Boy Who Cried Wolf pop-up shop

A previously tracklist leaked revealed that EXO may be coming back with a title track called “Cosmic Girl“.

It was also suggested that Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon would be featured on one of the tracks as well.

Here is the full rumored tracklist:

  1. Exoplanet (Intro)
  2. 우주소녀 (Cosmic Girl)
  3. Lightsaver
  4. Metal (feat. Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation)
  5. 너에게로 (To You)
  6. Cosmic Girl (EXO-K or EXO-M) version

If it’s true, we can expect EXO to be performing as OT12 instead of EXO-K and EXO-M again, so that’s exciting!

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  7. Nurul Natasha says

    I can’t wait to see their handsome face!!!!!

  8. Maijun Jamdee says

    Ok, this cannot be true. If it were, wouldn’t there be teaser videos and pictures all over the internet?

    I’m going to take this as a rumor, but some people say that the comeback is either on the 31st or April 1st.

    1. LALALAEXO says

      Maybe its a April FOOL!!???

      1. Maijun Jamdee says

        Hahaha, good one. But I don’t think they celebrate April Fools day(?)

  9. Seo Min Young says

    okee kita tunggu

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