Mnet officially announces EXO 90:2014!

Update: It appears that “Legend” and “EXO 90:2014” are both one-and-the-same. SMROOKIES will only appear as special guests in the 1st episode alongside Kangta, and the Shinhwa episode will appear later on in the series.

Mnet has officially announced EXO 90:2014, a brand new EXO reality TV show that sounds freaking awesome.

The show will do reboots of super popular 90’s songs using the EXO members as main characters.

The boys will be creating brand-new music videos of these once-popular hit songs.

So far we know that EXO-K and the SMROOKIES will be participating in these reboots (through some leaked flyers), but there isn’t any word yet on when/if EXO-M will make appearances too.

Looks like every Friday beginning on August 15th, we’re going to get new music videos from EXO every week!

Let your inner fan-girl explode now.

Mnet officially announced EXO 90 2014 and it sounds amazing

The EXO-K members stated,

“We are looking forward to creating the 2014 versions of our sunbaes’ hit songs.”

The Mnet staff stated,

“We feel that EXO is the most fitting to becoming the main characters who will connect the beginning of the Hallyu wave with the 2014 hallyu wave.

We look forward to re-living the past culture and memories of the 90’s by bringing together the originators of K-Pop with EXO, the new leaders of the Hallyu.”

Reports are saying that Super Junior’s Leeteuk will be joining them as well and that their first guest will be Kangta from H.O.T.

We do feel like there seems to be some similarities between EXO 90:2014 and another reality show that was just announced called Legend, whose first guest is the legendary Shinhwa.

There’s a chance that both shows are one-and-the-same.

We’ll keep you posted. Whatever the case may be, we’re super excited!!

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