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Mnet suspends EXO’s show “Hot Moment xoxo EXO” indefinitely

Mnet has announced that they will be suspending EXO’s show “Hot Moment xoxo EXO“ as they feel it is not the right time to air it yet.

South Korea is still suffering from the terrible tragedy surrounding the Sewol Ferry incident, and CJ E&M wants to tread carefully when re-airing its broadcast programs.

CJ E&M will be bringing back many of its programs, minus specific ones like “SNL Korea” and “Comedy Big League“, which it feels the public is not ready to start watching yet.

Even with its current programs set to come back, CJ E&M will be very careful with the type of topics that will be presented and how much laugh tracks will be used.

Mnet suspends EXO's show Hot Moment xoxo EXO indefinitely

It’s not just CJ E&M that’s being careful with resuming broadcasts.

Many other companies are being very careful with the type of entertainment they air as well.

While these companies are just being respectful to the public, many of the public viewers want all of their favorite programs to air.

Netizens have voiced that while the Sewol Ferry incident was very tragic, almost the entire country has entered into a state of depression and they need variety shows and programs to resume in order to find some semblance of happiness again.

The public is also worried for the workers, artists, and actors who have been put on indefinite hiatus due to the tragedy.

While all of their programs are on-hold, so are their paychecks.

Many agree that not everyone can keep on mourning and doing nothing else, and that people will have to continue on with their lives at some point.

“Hot Moment xoxo EXO” has been put on hiatus indefinitely, but it has not been cancelled.

Our guess would be that the show will broadcast after a couple of weeks or more, probably as close to EXO’s mini-album “Overdose”‘s release date as possible.

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