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MONSTA X Wonho – Member Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type

MONSTA X Wonho Introduction:

Here are MONSTA X Wonho’s Member Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type.

He’s a real health-conscious person. He exercises a lot and he makes sure to keep up his nutrients.

He’s the lead vocalist for the group, and was the former leader of Starship Entertainment’s NUBOYZ.

He was originally supposed to be the leader for MONSTA X, but Starship ultimately decided that Shownu would be a better candidate.

He has a bit of a temperamental personality, where he can either be very calm, or very sensitive.

Check out his profile, facts, and ideal type below:

Wonho Biography:

  • Stage Name: Wonho.
  • Real Name: Shin Ho Seok.
  • Nickname: N/A
  • Position: Lead vocalist, visual.
  • Age/Born: March 1st, 1993.
  • Hometown: Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
  • Family: Father, mother, little brother.
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Pisces.
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster.
  • Height: 178 cm or 5 feet 10 inches.
  • Weight: 73kg or 161 lbs.
  • Blood Type: B.

MONSTA X Wonho Member Profile Facts Ideal Type 3

MONSTA X Wonho’s Favorites Facts:

  • Favorite Foods: Chicken breasts, cold noodles, ramyun.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Taekwondo, swimming, working out, playing video games, going out.
  • Favorite Color: Blue.
  • Favorite Celebrities: Kanye West, Childish Gambino, DJ Mustard, Trey Songz, The Weeknd, August Alsina, Gray, Joey Badass.
  • Favorite type of woman/Ideal type: He’s not too picky. He just wants a girl who can make ramyun well. He also wants a girl who seems clean and innocent.

Miscellaneous Facts:

  • He wanted to be a Taekwondo athlete, but that dream fell apart when he suffered a major injury. He then decided to pursue a career in music after being scouted by a talent agent.
  • He trained at Starship Entertainment for 3 years before debuting.
  • He was the former leader of Nuboyz before becoming a member of MONSTA X.
  • He loves working out. He exercises a lot, even before he debuted. He has a friend who is a bodybuilder health trainer, and he inspired him to exercise.
  • He is afraid of heights.
  • He eats a lot. Like a whole lot. 8 bowls of rice in one sitting. Good thing he exercises.
  • He says that out of all of the members, he takes the best selcas. Minhyuk agrees with him.
  • He really likes Kanye West. He admires him.
  • He says that he gets sick very easily, so he’s always trying to be careful.
  • When there are no activities, he says that he likes to do 300 pushups so that his body doesn’t go out of shape.
  • He was originally supposed to be the leader of MONSTA X, but ultimately Starship Entertainment decided Shownu would be a better fit. Wonho was not please with Starship’s decision, saying that he was qualified as well because he has tons of leadership.
  • He wants to try becoming an actor one day.
  • He speaks three languages; Korean, French, and Japanese.
  • He was a ulzzang when he was younger.
  • The members say he’s very sensitive. He cries easily.
  • They also say that he gets frustrated easily as well.
  • He loves eating healthy food. He wants to eat mainly nutritious foods so he can stay in shape.
  • Back in 2010, he was featured on a TV show aclled “Ulzzang Shidae”.
  • He carries a ton of accessories with him at all times.
  • He likes to show people his abs any chance he gets.
  • He tries to dress as comfortably as he can. He tends to wear clothes that are too large for him.


MONSTA X’s Wonho is a great member and we’re glad that he made it into the group.

He’s very inspiring with the amount of hard work he does each day, personally and with the group.

We hope he sees a lot of success in the future, and we hope that he achieves his goal of becoming and actor.

If you have more information and facts on Wonho, please let us know and we’ll update this profile accordingly! 

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