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More members of GOT7 confirmed to have contracted the H1N1 Virus

Edit: It looks like Yugyeom isn’t infected! Our mistake.

It’s now confirmed that even more members of GOT7 have contracted the H1N1 form of influenza.

Earlier today, Jr. had to go to the hospital to receive treatment for the swine flu, and now it looks like the sickness has spread amongst all of the Korean members of GOT7.

JB and Yugyeom were confirmed to have the flu as well 30 minutes ago, and now word has it that Youngjae is sick too.

Not only that, BamBam updated fans earlier last week saying that he was feeling sick, so he might have caught the flu as well.

GOT7 members confirmed to have the swine flu

Hopefully the remaining members find a way to avoid getting sick.

Due to so many members of GOT7 contracting the swine flu, they had to cancel their live appearance on SBS MTV’s “The Show”.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s best for everyone. I’m sure that GOT7’s fans will understand.

We hope that all of the members get the rest that they need in order to make a speedy recovery.

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