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MTV EMA crowns EXO as the most EMAzing Stars!

In an ironic plot twist, it wasn’t EXO, or Justin Bieber, or even One Direction that won the Best Worldwide Act award… but some girl named Chris Lee? Now that’s a huge plot twist that I was not expecting. Congrats to her though!

Since EXO didn’t win, I’m glad that Chris Lee won instead, because at least Beliebers and Directioners won’t be gloating and holding it over EXO’s head.

However! EXO didn’t go home empty handed!

They won the social buzz competition that MTV EMA had going on. They were crowned the EMA’s most EMAzing Stars! They won with 31,491 points compared to One Directions 28,435 points!

MTV EMA crowns EXO the most EMAzing Stars


The social buzz was an intense competition!

Both One Direction and EXO kept flip-flopping for 1st and 2nd place, but in the end, it was EXO that came out on top!

For a moment there, it looked like EXO wasn’t going to win, especially when that stupid rumor started spreading like wildfire. You know, the rumor from that one Belieber or Directioner that said that if we uesd the #EMAzing tag during the show, EXO would lose buzz? Well that quickly spread like crazy throughout the EXOtic community, especially since fanbases started spreading the false rumor too.

But in the end, we were able to regroup and grab EXO the 1st place win!

Good job to all of those EXOtics that worked tirelessly to help the boys win, and thank you to all of the K-Pop fandoms for uniting and helping EXO out!

Congrats to EXO! While we’re upset that we couldn’t get you the Best Worldwide Act award, at least we got you something.

P.S: Don’t forget that EXO still has awards to win! Vote for them at the MelON music awards and the MAMA awards!

  1. kitty says

    T_T *sobbing* great job on those trousers kris! (i was so disappointed that we’d failed them…but you’re right at least it wasn’t 1D or Beebs who have western exposure and piles of money spent on marketing, at least it was a worldwide act) at least we go with something for our efforts…

  2. kpopfanatic93 says

    OMG please tell me this is real. ^_^

    1. jin says

      it is real!

      1. kpopfanatic93 says

        YES! Finally we won something for our boys! <3
        Also Congrats to Chris lee for winning the World Wide Act Award.
        – no hard feelings from this EXOtic. ^_^

        1. kpoprookies says

          Sorry for the late reply! It’s true! I updated the post with CNTLU’s video show the Social Buzz Segment =)

      2. kpopfanatic93 says

        wait! some girl is telling us to keep voting cuz she said it actually ends at 9PM. Will MTV EMA announce who won? How do we really know T.T ppl are still tweeting.

  3. xohmyitsme says

    I’m soooooo glad it’s done T-T Been voting all day for this! And did they win something? I heard Ariana talk about a gift?

    1. kpoprookies says

      Oh she means that it was a gift that EXO received so much love and support from their fans, because 31,491 mentions on Twitter/Instagram per minute is amazing!

      I really do hope that the MTV EMA’s give EXO some kind of honorary trophy or medal or something to commemorate their win though.

  4. RooH says

    no ganamos los EMA pero ganamos el twtter =)

    ahora vamos por los MAMA aaah votar

  5. Theresa Olaaiga says

    I was one of the frantic fans that freaked whenever 1D came close to our points Cx

    1. emily_kuzma says

      Yeah, same here. XD

      You know, it was actually kind of fun! 😀

  6. Sopheak Votey says


  7. ❤️Directioner❤️ says

    Calm down u didnt win it plz go learn some English

    1. Cammie says

      “They won with 31,491 points compared to One Directions 28,435 points!”

      I’m pretty sure EXO won 1D, HAHA 🙂

    2. kpoprookies says

      Judging from the way you spell, it’s quite obvious that you’re the one who needs to learn some English. Please take your negativity and hypocrisy off this site.

  8. Cammie says

    It was around 3/4 AM in the morning when the result was announced so I didn’t stay up for it, but checked for the results the 1st thing in the morning when I woke up :’) Almost in tears when I found that EXO won ^_^ EXO was always leading anyways, and it’s all thanks to ALL THE FELLOW KPOPERS 🙂 Thank you so much for helping EXO win! It’s Kpop’s pride!
    All our hard work were paid off 🙂 I was just sitting in front of my computer tweeting and tweeting for hours till I reached tweet limit. Great job everyone! And next time when there are similar events, with ANY Kpop group representing Asia, lets UNITE once again and show them! xD

  9. Hai Blut says


  10. anne says

    per minute??? WOW.. THAT SICK!!!

  11. Ayisha says

    I am so happy for them

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