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MV for Chen’s “The Best Luck” OST to be released at 12:00 KST!

Chen’s OST The Best Luck for Kyungsoo’s drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, which topped various music charts in South Korea, is about to have it’s own music video soon!

In fact, the music video for the OST will be released in about 1 1/2 hours!

This comes as a huge surprise to all of us, who didn’t know that there was even a music video being filmed by Chen.

Chances are Chen will make a few appearances in the music video, while snippets from Kyungsoo’s drama will be used for the rest.

MV for Chen's OST The Best Luck to be released today It's Okay That's Love

If you haven’t heard Chen’s OST yet, you can check it out in the link here.

It sounds really great and Chen’s voice is of course angelic.

While some OSTs feel out of place, like a couple of the OSTs in the drama The Heirs, Chen’s song actually synchronizes really well with It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Check back at 12:00PM KST for the MV for The Best Luck.

We should pump that MV full of as many views as we can.

Source: Kor_Celebrities

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