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NCT 127 barred from performing “Cherry Bomb” on Music Bank


SM Entertainment sat with NCT 127 to discuss their options with KBS’s decision to ban “Cherry Bomb” from broadcast.

They thought long and hard about whether or not they would rewrite the lyrics to their title track in order to perform it on KBS’s music show, “Music Bank”.

After much deliberation, especially with Taeyong and Mark who wrote the lyrics for the track, everyone unanimously agreed that they wouldn’t change a thing about Cherry Bomb.

We agree wholeheartedly with their decision.

SM Entertainment released a statement saying that Cherry Bomb, as violent and mature as the lyrics are, will remain unaltered. They believe that any changes would affect the original feel of the song and it would not be as impactful as it is meant to be.

While not wanting to be absent from Music Bank altogether, SM Entertainment and NCT 127 came to an agreement with KBS.

Instead of performing Cherry Bomb, the boys will be performing their B-Side track, “0 Mile” on stage.

Compromises have to be made, but at least they’re compromises that will leave everyone satisfied.

We’re excited to see what kind of stage NCT 127 will be putting together for Music Bank.

They’ll be going a bit out of their way to perform 0 Mile, but at least fans will be happy to see the boys on stage.

Plus, a mix-up in routine is always a nice change of pace.

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