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NCT 127 “Cherry Bomb” 3rd Mini-Album Tracklist Revealed

As we’re edging closer and closer to NCT 127’s comeback, we’ve just been given a sneak peek at their mini-album’s tracklist!

NCT 127’s 3rd mini-album “Cherry Bomb”s tracklist is as follows:

  1. Cherry Bomb – An urban hip-hop track produced by Dem Jointz and composed by Deez.
  2. Cherry Bomb (Performance Edition) – ???
  3. Running 2 U – An urban dance track that marries together Hip-Hop and R&B.
  4. Zero Mile – A love letter track that’s said to be emotional. We’re guessing it’s a ballad.
  5. Sun & Moon – An electronic track that creates a dreamlike experience through synths and vocal harmony.
  6. Whiplash – A hip-hop track that might be “Baby, Don’t Like It” 2.0. The track is about how an honest “whipping” is what love needs instead of just sweet words. We have a feeling Taeyong was very involved in this track.
  7. Summer 127 – NCT 127’s bop for the summer. An upbeat track about love and fun, hyping everyone up for their summer vacations.

Both Taeyong and Mark contributed to writing lyrics for 5 of these tracks.

We’re over-the-moon excited for this mini-album to be released.

We’re two days away so get ready.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the mini-album yet, you can do so through this page.

Each order counts towards the Hanteo charts in South Korea. We want to help these boys achieve an all-kill and to win some trophies on every music show.

The boys will also be holding a comeback showcase during their album release, so get ready to stream the heck out of it on Naver’s V-Live.

Thanks & credit to @Shbup for the tracklist info.

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