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NCT 127 – Regular to Irregular Full Album Tracklist and Artwork

Amazon accidentally leaked the tracklist for NCT 127’s upcoming album Regular – Irregular one month in advance!

The leak shows that the album will have 11 tracks.

There will be two versions of the album featuring different artwork.

The album tracks tell a story and are split into two separate parts, with the 6th track Regular to Irregular bridging the album together.

Here is the full tracklist for NCT 127 – Regular to Irregular:

  1. City 127
  2. Regular (Korean Version)
  3. Replay (PM 01:27)
  4. Knock On
  5. No Longer
  6. Interlude: Regular to Irregular
  7. Van (My Van)
  8. Come Back
  9. Fly Away With Me
  10. Regular (English Version)
  11. (Bonus Track) Run Back 2 U

We’re very excited for NCT 127’s first full album.

Fingers-crossed that it’s a huge success.

The album will come with a poster of course, a random photo card of one of the NCT 127 members (collect them all), and a post card.

You can pre-order the album here. All sales go towards the Hanteo music charts, so let’s help these boys hit daebak.

Here is the description that Amazon has for the album:

“NCT#127 Regular – Irregular” is the Seoul-based NCT team NCT 127’s first full length studio album. Version B with alternate artwork is available separately. Includes both a Korean and English version of the single ‘Regular.’ The album includes 11 tracks of a variety of genres. This clearly shows the mission of NCT, whose “dream” is to connect and unite through “music.” The transition between reality and the dream world is made through the dream-like sixth track “Interlude: Regular to Irregular,” and the album has a very natural flow and is filled with storytelling, which makes the album all the greater. Packaged in a 8.5″ x 11″ outer case and includes one folded poster (14″ x 20″), random photocards and post cards. A lyric booklet is also included (Korean text only.) SM Entertainment. 2018.

The album will drop on October 12th, 2018.

And as posted earlier, NCT 127 will include a brand new member.

His name is Jungwoo, and he’ll bring the group’s count up to 10.

One month to go, we can hardly wait.

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