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NCT 127 to Make a Comeback With New Member!

NCT 127 is prepping to make a comeback next month, and their roster will undergo a slight change.

You all remember Jungwoo right?

Well he has officially been invited to join NCT 127 as their 10th member.

He and the rest of the boys will be releasing their first full album on October 12th, titled Regular-Irregular.

Let’s hope this is the album that launches them into stardom.

Will this put NCT on everyone’s radar?

NCT as a whole hasn’t been a huge hit in South Korea yet, not to say that they aren’t successful.

But SM boy groups usually meteorically rise to popularity relatively quickly, and NCT still hasn’t hit daebak yet.

But we do have to understand that the whole concept of NCT is foreign to South Korea and it does take time to adjust.

Fan girls are used to stanning static groups where the members’ roster doesn’t change every comeback, but with NCT’s rotating member list, it can be pretty crazy.

We’re rooting for these guys to dominate the charts and become superstars like their sunbaes.

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