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NCT 127 to release debut mini-album on July 10th!

NCT 127 will be releasing a debut mini-album on July 10th!

Well, at least the digital version of the album will be released then. The physical album will be released on July 11th.

The debut album holds the same name as the unit “NCT #127”, so that doesn’t give us much information.

We have no clue what the title track will be or how many songs there will be.

NCT #127 debut mini album

From the stylings of the members, we’re going to assume that the track will be a dark and powerful dance track, so we’re pretty excited.

Haechan, WINWIN, Taeyong, Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, and Taeil will put on a phenomenal debut.

Most of the group members excel in dancing and we have some powerhouse vocals in there too.

We’re less than a week away before we get to see what NCT 127 has in store for us.

We’re a bit bummed that Doyoung and Ten aren’t included in this unit, or that more new members weren’t included, but we’re very happy with this roster.

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