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NCT becomes the new face of IVY CLUB!

As is tradition, the latest rookie boy group from SM Entertainment will be taking on the mantle of endorsing IVY CLUB.

EXO has just passed on the reins of IVY CLUB to NCT, as Super Junior did before them.

So far it’s just NCT 127 and NCT-U participating in the IVY CLUB photo shoots, but we hope that NCT Dream will be joining them in the future.

The boys look so freaking adorable in their school boy outfits.

NCT becomes the new face of IVY CLUB

As is tradition, the boys will be holding fansign events, photoshoots, and promotional events with IVY CLUB in the near future.

Fans can expect to be able to purchase IVY CLUB outfits designed for a specific member.

They should also expect to be able to collect new photo cards of the members all dressed up and pretty in their outfits.

NCT endorses IVY CLUB

We can’t wait to see the official pictures of NCT & IVY CLUB.

These fantaken photos will just have to hold us over until then.

NCT to endorse IVY CLUB

Photo source: @NoTenExit33

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