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NCT Dream achieves their 1st music show win on “The Show”!

NCT Dream has just achieved their 1st music show win!

And what a great coincidence, this is also the first time that “The Show” has featured a winner on their show.

The boys were competing with NCT 127 and April for the #1 spot, and they came out on top!

Congratulations to the boys.

It must have been odd for the boys to compete with a fellow NCT unit… and it must have been even more weird for Haechan and Mark to wonder which group they’d share the award with.

NCT Dream won first place with 8291 points. NCT 127 came in second with 7123 points, and April came in 3rd with 6976 points.

In NCT 127’s defense, their come back started over a month ago.

Congrats to NCT Dream again. Let’s hope you guys win some more trophies with “My First and Last”.

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