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NCT Dream to debut on August 24th!

Update 1: There will be a total of 7 members in NCT Dream.

Update 2: Members will be revealed everyday at 12:00PM KST until 8/22.

Update 3: 2nd member NCT Chen Le revealed! Check out his profile.

Rumors were circulating that NCT Dream, the new unit from NCT, would be making their debut in September, but SM Entertainment has released a teaser showing that they’re coming A LOT sooner than expected.

6 days from now; August 24th!

The first teaser image SM released is of NCT’s Jisung blowing some bubble gum.

The teaser was released alongside a brand new instagram account by the name of @nctdream.chewinggum.

Maybe “Chewing Game” will be the name of their debut song.

It wouldn’t be soooo weird considering “Fire Truck” was the name of NCT 127’s song.

NCT Dream to debut on August 24th

The NCT Dream roster is rumored to be made up of members from the ’99 line and younger.

Mark will be their leader. Jisung and Haechan are almost confirmed to be members… There’s still several who are yet to be revealed.

If you were hoping that Hansol and Johnny would be making their debuts… well chances are that’s not happening this time around… again.

We look forward to NCT Dream’s debut and what their concept might be.

NCT Dream to debut on August 24th 1


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