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NCT Jaehyun – Member Profile and Facts

Jaehyun is a main vocalist for NCT.

He is part of both NCT-U groups.

He is one of the most masculine members of the group, with his fellow members saying he is the most muscular out of every one of them.

He has really white skin, which earned him the nickname “Casper”.

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SMROOKIES Biography, Profile, Biodata, and Facts:

  • Real Name: Jung Yoon-oh.
  • Stage Name: Jaehyun
  • English Name: Jay
  • Nickname: Jungjae “Yuk” (It means “meat”). Casper, because his skin is very white.
  • Units: NCT-U, NCT 127.
  • Position: Singer and rapper
  • Born:February 14th, 1997
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea.
  • How old is Jaehyun?
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
  • Height: 184cm or 6 feet
  • Weight: 63kg or 138lbs
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts.
  • Languages: Korean & English.
  • Personality: Sensitive, but strong. Tries to make everyone happy.

Boys Generation SMROOKIES Jaehyun Member Profile and Facts

Favorites Facts:

  • Favorite Foods: Meat, spicy pork, potato pizza(?), peach, green tea ice cream.
  • Favorite Drinks: Americano.
  • Favorite Accessory: Bracelets.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Playing the piano, playing sports.
  • Favorite Season: Spring.
  • Favorite Weather: Snowy.
  • Favorite Scent: Lavender.
  • Favorite Motto: Become someone big.
  • Favorite Book: Courage to be Disliked.
  • Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy.
  • Favorite Author: Agatha Christie.
  • Favorite Musicians: IU.
  • Favorite Music Genre: Hip-Hop.
  • Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Favorite Movies: Beauty and the Beast.
  • Favorite Movie Genre: Thriller.
  • Favorite Variety Show: The Return of Superman.
  • Favorite Avenger: Captain America.
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball.
  • Favorite Color: White.
  • Favorite Flower: Rose.
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas.
  • Favorite type of woman/Ideal type: Women with long, straight hair.

Miscellaneous Facts:

  • His nickname is “Casper”. It was given to him because of how white his skin is.
  • All of his seniors make fun of him and call him “Casper”, saying he looks just like the cartoon character.
  • He specializes in rap and piano, but he can sing really well too.
  • He is the vocalist for both NCT-U groups.
  • Taeyong says that Jaehyun has the most muscles out of everyone in NCT.
  • During the NCT Show – Day 1, Jaehyun says he’s most proud of his “erotic” body.
  • He says he loves his hands.
  • He’s good at swimming.
  • Mark says that Jaehyun is good at taking care of the younger members.
  • The members say that Jaehyun is very good at lying.
  • He is good at cooking spicy pork.
  • He is good at basketball.
  • If someone is in a bad or depressed mood, he tries to make them feel better (mainly by acting cute).
  • He wakes up very early.
  • He eats a lot. Like a lot a lot, according to Doyoung.
  • He steals other members’ food sometimes.
  • He sweats a lot, but according to Taeil, it can be sexy sometimes.
  • He says that he’s a sensitive person.
  • He says that 10 years from now, he wants to be doing something that he’ll be happy doing. To be able to live without any regrets.
  • Taeil thinks Jaehyun will be starring in movies in 10 years.
  • Ten thinks that eventually, Jaehyun will start taking off his clothes on-stage.
  • Heechul joked that all of the things his members say that Jaehyun will do in 10 years, Choi Siwon is already doing.
  • Jaehyun is roommates with Mark.
  • He lived in America for about 4 years.
  • He has dimples when he smiles.
  • The members say he can do aegyo really well.
  • He wishes he could teleport.
  • He likes to dress up in the “Dandy” fashion style.
  • He believes that aliens are real and that they are out there.
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment when he was in the 8th grade.
  • He can cook ramen really well.
  • The members say he has a black hole for the stomach. He can eat a lot. He’s always saying that he’s hungry.
  • When he was younger, he dreamed of becoming an architect.
  • He wants to have 2 kids later on in life.
  • He drinks water when he first wakes up.
  • He hates raisins.
  • He doesn’t really like Trot music.
  • He loves Pokemon. His favorite Pokemon is Charmander.
  • He sleeps while hugging a pillow.
  • His favorite U.S. football team is the New England Patriots.
  • He wants to sing a duet with IU one day.
  • The members say he’s the quickest member to fall asleep.
  • Jaehyun is in charge of sweeping and mopping the dorm.
  • Taeyong saved Jaehyun in his contacts as, “Honey Pig”.
  • Jaehyun currently has Taeyong in his contacts as, “Ttiyoungie Hyung.”
  • Jaehyun saved Taeil in his contacts as, “Ill Hyung”.
  • Jaehyun loves musical movies.
  • When he was younger, he would have a talkative personality at home, but at schoo, he was very shy.
  • He spent a lot of time alone at school when he was younger.
  • He’s currently in love with the song, “City of Stars” from the movie “La La Land” performed by Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling.

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