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NCT Mark – Member Profile and Facts

Mark is a member of NCT U. He made his debut on April 9th and April 10th of 2016.

He is a really young debut, still being a high schooler when NCT finally launched.

He speaks both English and Korean.

Like Wendy from Red Velvet, he was cast into SM Entertainment through the SM casting auditions in Canada.

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NCT SMROOKIES Mark Member Profile and Facts 2

SMROOKIES Mark Biography Profile, Biodata, and Facts:

Stage Name: Mark.

Real Name: Mark Lee.

Korean Name: Lee Min Hyung.

Nickname: N/A.

Unit: NCT-U, NCT 127, NCT Dream.

Position: NCT Rapper.

Born: August 2nd, 1999.

How old is Mark?

Astrological Zodiac Sign: Leo.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit.

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada.

Family: Parents and an older brother.

Height: 174cm, or 5 ft 8 inches.

Weight: N/A.

Blood Type: A.

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts.

Specialty: Rap & Guitar.

NCT SMROOKIES Mark Member Profile and Facts

Favorite Facts:

Favorite number: 2.

Favorite foods: Bagels, cookies and cream ice cream, ketchup chips, chicken, kimchi, rice, watermelon, Jajangmyeon, cookies, chips, bread, chocolate.

Favorite drinks: Banana milk, coca-cola.

Favorite accessories: Hats.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite time of day: Midnight.

Favorite season: Fall.

Favorite weather: Windy.

Favorite holiday: Christmas.

Favorite musicians: Beyonce, Coldplay, Chris Brown (He enjoys his songs… not necessarily Chris Brown himself… hopefully).

Favorite music genres: R&B, rap, groovy, dance.

Favorite movie genres: Inspirational.

Favorite places: Canada.

Favorite sports: Badminton, ice skating.

Favorite idols: EXO’s Xiumin and SHINee’s Minho.

Favorite type of woman, or ideal type: N/A

NCT SMROOKIES Mark Member Profile and Facts 1

Miscellaneous Fun Facts:

  • He was cast through the SM Global Audition in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • He has been a trainee for about 4 years.
  • His favorite sunbaenim is Xiumin.
  • He helped write the lyrics for “The 7th Sense” along with Taeyong.
  • SM rappers are known to be subpar compared to rappers from other companies, but Mark surprised netizens and fans alike with his skills.
  • He is roommates with NCT member Jaehyun.
  • When he was young(er), he wanted to be an author.
  • His favorite subjects in school were Language arts and writing.
  • He also dreamed of becoming an ice-cream man.
  • He likes shirts with quotes on them.
  • He gets uncomfortable riding in planes.
  • He likes the smell of deodorant.
  • He says that one of the hardest things he’s working on is his confidence.
  • The first dance choreography learned was the choreography to Super Junior’s Twins.
  • One of the main reasons Mark loves Canada is because of the weather.
  • He would love to work with SHINee’s Jonghyun one day.
  • He sleeps with a pillow between his legs.
  • He likes to listen to music before he goes to sleep.
  • His older brother was the one who inspired him to pursue a career in music.
  • He dislikes seafood.
  • The members say he talks in his sleep.
  • Jaehyun says that Mark sometimes raps in his sleep, both in Korean and in English.
  • Mark is in charge of taking out the trash in the NCT dorms.
  • He also helps Taeyong do the dorm’s laundry.
  • He is the leader of NCT Dream.


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