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NCT and Monsta X to guest on Weekly Idol’s series finale

Weekly Idol will be holding its series finale episode with NCT and Monsta X as guests!

We’re sad to see this show go. It’s been home to some of the funniest idol interactions and games ever.

But with Defconn and Jung Hyun Don leaving after hosting the show for 7 years, MBC doesn’t know whether to continue to show with different hosts, or just end it all together.

The recording for the final episode will take place today, March 7th, with NCT and Monsta X.

After that, Defconn and Jung Hyun Don are free to pursue other ventures and MBC has to make their final decision.

But we’re glad that NCT and Monsta X are going to be guests.

Especially NCT, since we haven’t seen much of them on variety shows, and it’s super exciting to see how they’ll fit all 18 members in one episode, especially alongside the Monsta X members.

NCT will be releasing their full comeback album on March 14th, featuring all members of the group.

Their album is called NCT 2018 – Empathy, and we’re excited to see how the boys will be promoting it on Weekly Idol.

We’re not sure when the episode will premiere, but we’ll let you know ASAP.

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