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NCT says goodbye to The 7TH SENSE


Today marks the final day of NCT-U’s “The 7TH SENSE” promotional stages.

It’s a sad day for many fans, but let’s look on the bright side; NCT will start the next part of their career now!

What that is, we have yet to know, but rumor has it that NCT’s Japan unit is gearing up for a debut.

Part of me hopes that NCT Japan will promote with a brand new song rather than a translated version of The 7TH SENSE/Without You, but whatever they do, we’ll be on board.

NCT says goodbye to The 7TH SENSE

Back to NCT-U. The boys are performing their hearts out on Inkigayo one last time tonight.

They had a really great run. They were nominated for 1st place on many music shows, they had a lot of great fansign events, they had a reality show already in the form of “NCT Life in Bangkok” with another reality show coming in the form of “NCT Life in Seoul“.

Things are going really well for our little rookies, and we look forward to the next stage of NCT’s promotions.

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