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NCT Taeyong – Member Profile, Facts, Biodata, Ideal Type, etc

Taeyong is one of the visuals for NCT.

He was one of the first SMROOKIES revealed and he has capture the hearts of many fans since he was revealed.

Unfortunately, he has got himself caught in a few scandals before his debut, which has lead his debut to be very rocky.

Hopefully, he can overcome his past and have a very successful future.

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NCT Taeyong Member Profile Biodata facts ideal type updated

SMROOKIES Biography, Profile, Biodata, and Facts:

  • Stage Name: Taeyong
  • Real Name: Lee Taeyong
  • Nickname: Grandpa (because he likes to take care of everyone). Also, because his debut hair was white, so it made him feel like a grandpa. Also, because after he dances, he says his body aches.
    • He was also called “T.Y” as a kid, and after the NCT Show, people will continue calling him that.
    • TY Track
    • Taebreeze (it has something to do with him using Febreeze a lot).
    • T-Yong.
    • Cookie Monster because he loves to eat chocolatey sweets. Taeyong says that the members call him this. He says that everything feels better when he has a tub of ice cream in his arms (credit: @jhasrhimyours).
    • TY (Thank You): Because it shows how grateful he is to his fans and his loved ones.
  • Units: NCT-U, NCT 127.
  • Position: Leader/Rapper/Dancer/Visual
  • Born: July 1st, 1995
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea.
  • How old is Taeyong?
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
  • Height: 175CM or 5 feet 9 inches.
  • Weight: 59kg or 130 pounds.
  • Blood Type: O.
  • Education: Attended Seoul School of Performing Arts
  • Motto: Be the best at whatever I do.

Favorites Facts:

  • Favorite Foods: Melons, strawberry macarons, green tea ice cream Kalguksu (Korean hot noodle soup), Chinese hot pot.
  • Favorite Accessory: Snapback hat (he wears them a lot during dancing, so that his hear doesn’t bounce all over his face), headsets.
  • Favorite Drinks: Yogurt Smoothie, mint chocolate milk, strawberry milk, mocha milk.
  • Favorite Hobbies:He loves rapping. He likes making rhymes and flow. He is also interested in photography. He likes looking at the sky. He likes listening to music.
  • Favorite Movie: Lion King. Anything from Studio Ghibli, particularly “Howl’s Moving Castle”. He loves anime.
  • Favorite Music Genre: Hip-Hop.
  • Favorite Musicians: Drake. TVXQ (they’re his role models because of how hard working they are.)
  • Favorite Number: 8.
  • Favorite Color: Black.
  • Favorite type of woman/Ideal type: Not yet available.

Miscellaneous Facts:

  • Taeyong has a puppy named Ruby that he misses very much. He worries she might not recognize him when he comes home.
  • Before joining SM Entertainment, Taeyong dreamt of being a firefighter.
  • He shares a room with his fellow member Johnny.
  • His dorm mates loves him because without him, they say their dorm would be a chaotic mess.
  • He has Mysophobia, which is the fear of contamination and germs. He says it isn’t serious though.
  • He’s a bit of a neat freak. If something is on the floor of the dorm, he has to clean it up right away.
  • He was cast in SM in 2012. The scouts discovered him in front of his school.
  • He has been trained in singing, rapping, and dancing in SM.
  • was part of the SMROOKIES SR14B sub-unit.
  • He has found it very difficult living away from his family.
  • He wants to make his own solo album one day.
  • He likes seeing how people take photos. He’s fascinated with photography and photo shoots.
  • Before debut, he was in a scandal where in middle school, he would scam people with fake goods on the internet. When buyers replied and wanted refunds, he cursed at them and threatened them. Taeyong has since apologized for the acts of his youth.
  • It was discovered by netizens that Taeyong also called Japanese people “losers” and that many of them were “probably Otakus who collect figurines” on his middle school’s internet cafe page.
  • Taeyong helped write the lyrics to NCT’s “The 7th Sense” along with Mark.
  • Mark says that Taeyong has very prominent veins in his muscular arms.
  • Taeyong’s favorite part about his body is his eyes.
  • Everyone agrees that his face is his best feature.
  • Taeyong’s legs on his own is about 2/3rd his height, according to Heechul.
  • He says that there is a part near his toes that is a little crooked. It hurts when he dances.
  • He has a scar near his right eye. He got it because of Atopy and because he scratched that area a lot.
  • Jaehyun says Taeyong’s really skinny because he dances a lot.
  • Mark says that Taeyong is really good at cooking. He says that the meals he cooks is just as beautiful as the ones served in restaurants.
  • Jaehyun says that Taeyong is very honest with the other members.
  • Ten says that Taeyong can act very cute sometimes.
  • Doyoung says that Taeyong likes to write lyrics a lot.
  • Taeyong has a bad habit of biting his nails.
  • Mark says that when Taeyong is focused on something, he doesn’t breathe much.
  • He washes his hands a lot.
  • Taeyong does his laundry separate from the other members because of his OCD. He usually washes his clothes the night before the other members wash theirs.
  • The members say he might look cold, but he is very warm and very caring towards everyone.
  • He always buys his members food.
  • He’s very confident.
  • He likes talking to the members a lot.
  • The members say he gives very, very long advice.
  • He can nag a lot. Ten says that Taeyong constantly tells him to wash his feet.
  • Taeyong says he nags the other members a lot because he doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes he did.
  • He is a perfectionist.
  • In 10 years, he still wants to be performing on stage and to be an artist.
  • Mark thinks Taeyong might be a fashion icon in 10 years.
  • Heechul says that in 10 years, Taeyong might be just like Yunho from TVXQ.
  • He loves Studio Ghibli movies.
  • He says that his favorite ringtone is “silent”.
  • He dislikes messiness.
  • He constantly washes his hands.
  • He likes quiet, cosy places.
  • His mood depends on the weather. He loves clear weather. He likes to take naps when it’s rainy outside.
  • He wants to go “busking” one day, which is when people perform outside on the streets. It’s on his bucket list.
  • He cried while watching the Korean movie “Heart is…”.
  • He adopted his dog Ruby when he was 14 years old.
  • After finishing dance practice, he likes to lie on the floor and look at the ceiling.
  • He had his first crush when he was in the 4th grade.
  • When he was still in school, his favorite subject was art.
  • He loves swimming.
  • He sleeps with his arms beneath his head.
  • When he was still in high school, he rode a bike to school everyday.
  • He likes dancing in the dark.
  • He dislikes mosquitoes.
  • He gets scared of everything easily. The members say even the slightest prank can spook him. Poor Taeyong.
  • If he were to have a superpower, he would want it to be teleportation.
  • He doesn’t like the dentist.
  • He relieves stress by taking a nap.
  • Taeil says that he’s actually quite a sloppy person.
  • Yuta says that he thinks Taeyong just wants to be loved.
  • Taeyong finds it difficult to get close to people quickly.
  • He relates to characters in movies that are lonely, but are really good people. He feels like that all the time.
  • Mark calls Taeyong the pillar of NCT.
  • He’s in charge of doing the laundry in the NCT dorms.
  • He loves shopping.
  • He wants people to see him as someone who has a beautiful gaze and is hardworking.
  • Taeyong says that he felt the presence of a ghost in NCT’s old dorm before. Doyoung saw the ghost.
  • Taeyong hopes to promote in Yuta’s hometown one day.
  • He saved Jaehyun in his contacts as, “Honey Pig”.
  • His nickname for Taeil is, “William”.
  • Jaehyun saved him in his contacts as, “TY track”, but changed it to “TY hyung”, and finally to, “Ttiyoungie Hyung.”
  • He has a habit of biting his finger nails.
  • He needs solitude to recharge, so when he can, he’ll go into the practice room alone to dance and clear his mind.
  • He knows how to play the piano.

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