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NCT to debut simultaneously in South Korea and China!

NCT will be debuting in both South Korea and China at the same time.

They will be making their Korean debut through a special V app broadcast on both April 9th and April 10th.

While their V app is broadcasting, the members themselves will be in China at the Top Chinese Music Awards, also known as “The 16th Music Feng Yun Bang Awards“, performing their first live stage.

What’s even more exciting is that both Qian Kun and WIN WIN will be joining NCT-U on-stage.

NCT to make their debut simultaneously in South Korea and China

The boys will have to put on a spectacular stage.

“The 16th Music Feng Yun Bang Awards” is also known as the Chinese Grammys.

Many top celebrities will be there to perform there as well, meaning these boys have some tough acts to follow.

No pressure for NCT though… Although let’s hope they perform a live stage rather than a lip-synced one.

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