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NCT-U needs your support for Inkigayo now!


Alright, it’s time for NCT’s fans to step up their game because NCT-U and their song “The 7th SENSE” has been nominated for 1st place on Inkigayo April 24th!

They’re up against Block B and 10CM for the win.

The majority of the points will be in digital sales of their songs and how many views their music video gets!

So if you haven’t purchased their song through the Korean music websites, do so now!

NCT needs your support for Inkigayo now!

And if you have spare time, watch and re-watch their music video as much as possible. I mean, you can literally just have it on in the background.

Here, just have this video running in a loop and we’ll all be good.

Here’s the breakdown of Inkigayo’s scoring:

  • 55% Digital sales
  • 35% MV views
  • 10% Votes (Possibly more on this later).
  • 5% Physical (of which we automatically forfeit because NCT’s debut singles are only digital)
  • 5% Viewers (this is where we have to rely on the K-fans)

So really, what we need to do is focus on digital sales and MV views as much as we can.

Let’s hope NCT wins!

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