NCT’s debut singles will be SEVENTH SENSE and Without You

More information has been released about NCT U’s upcoming debut!

Their singles will be called “SEVENTH SENSE/THE 7th SENSE” and “Without You“.

SEVENTH SENSE will be released on April 9th, with members Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark, and Ten performing the song.

Without You will be released on April 10th with members Jaehyun, Doyoung, and Taeil performing.


SEVENTH SENSE will be a hip-hop track with heavy bass and amazing vocals/rapping.

The lyrics are said to describe being able to feel and understand the dreams of others through music.

Taeyong and Mark participated in writing the lyrics for the song.

WITHOUT YOU will be an EDM track about the happiness of being alive. This will be a vocal track that showcases the powerhouse trio that is Jaehyun, Doyoung, and Taeil.

We literally can’t wait until the 9th and the 10th. These boys are going to dominate.

Credit: LTY_INT

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