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NCT’s Jaehyun caught holding hands with April’s Chaekyung

Ooh la la, do we have dating scandal brewing?

No, not at all, but fan girls are still seething with jealousy over this video of Jaehyun holding hands with April’s Chaekyung.

Don’t worry, we don’t believe there’s anything romantic going on between the two, although Chaekyung could have developed feelings for Jaehyun’s gentlemanly actions.

In the Law of the Jungle, Jaehyun and Chaekyung were trying to get through a waterfall, but Chaekyung was scared.

So Jaehyun offered her a guiding hand to ease her fears.

Chaekyung was screaming and scared the entire time, but they succeeded in getting past the waterfall.

NCT Jaehyun caught holding hands with April Chaekyung

Jaehyun was super, super manly and our hearts skipped several beats watching him take care of Chaekyung.

Could Jaehyun be anymore perfect?

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