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Netizens argue about why NCT hasn’t hit it big yet

Netizens are discussing why NCT seems to be struggling to hit it big while EXO flourished a year after their debut.

Some netizens were saying it’s because EXO was supposed to promote overseas while NCT took over South Korea.

Others were saying it’s because NCT’s concept is hip-hop and how it might not appeal to everyone.

And finally, others were saying that SM was trying to take fans from BTS, Seventeen, and Wanna One and convert them into NCT fans, but ultimately they failed.

But honestly, NCT is still new and still finding their ground.

Plus we all knew that they were a new type of experimental group too, so sooner or later, they’re going to explode in popularity once all the kinks get worked out.

Here are what netizens are saying about NCT on Enter-Talk, translated by Ash-Pikachu:


They were originally planning to send EXO for overseas promotions.. If they followed their original plan and pushed them to Japan and China like Bigbang, but it could’ve also turned out badly
We wouldn’t have been able to see their faces in Korea again…

And the fans would’ve inherit NCT’s fandom..
That was probably the plan they were dreaming happily about..
But the reality…??

EXO weren’t sent overseas, but instead, they concentrated on promoting in Korea
And NCT’s fandom just isn’t sticking up together..
Usually, SM fandoms inherit subsequent groups one after the other..

But the new cafeteria menu already contains choices like Bangtan and Seventeen..
And all the nunas have gone to Wanna One…
SM must be super frustrated now..

They probably expected NCT to sweep the award ceremonies,
but instead, people were swearing at them asking “who are these nugus”

My opinion is that they’ve never pushed NCT to the extent they pushed EXO.
A group who’s 7 years in their debut is still having 3 promotions in a year,
and SM still doesn’t have any thoughts about pushing their hoobaes

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ㅇㅇ I can agree for 50% of it, and I disagree with 50% of it. EXO have a lot of core fans in their fandom and even when they go to the army, it’s unlikely that they leave the fandom. And if SM fandoms really inherit each other, then in 2014, when NCT used to appear more on broadcast than EXO on broadcast, the fandom would’ve shifted already, but instead, the fandom didn’t accept NCT. It’s not about inheriting, we need a new pie. EXO were always about singing abilities and NCT about hip hop concepts, they didn’t overlap from the start


ㅇㅇ NCT are quite talented, their issue is their concepts, it’s too hit or miss


ㅇㅇ I feel like NCT can’t hit big as long as EXO will be the top… They should start pushing NCT when EXO starts to falter… I hope they stopped giving them those hard to pull off concepts and start giving them luxurious concepts like other male idols nowadays since they’re all doing good…. The members are all talented to boot


ㅇㅇ Isn’t it because most of EXO fans are core fans? It’s not like they blew big out of nothing, it’ll be hard for fans to leave their fandom


ㅇ Speaking of fandom inheritance, it’s not like it went from TVXQ->SUJU->Shinee->EXO either, I wonder where did that phrase come from..? Why would EXO’s fandom quit for NCT? I think that SM’s real plan is to take BTS, Seventeen and Wanna One’s fans and put them in NCT’s fandom, but that plan failed


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