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Netizens criticize EXO Sehun’s talents


A PANN was posted commenting on Sehun’s “lack of talents”.

It mainly started as criticism towards his singing and how it seems like all he does in EXO songs is say “E-X-O”, and then it spread to other aspects of him.

Netizens even brought up how Sehun seems like a lazy dancer.

The comments just kept getting worse and worse.

Netizens criticize EXO Sehun's lack of talents

We certainly hope that Sehun doesn’t see this particular PANN.

Last time he read comments saying he was a lazy dancer, he stayed in the SM practice room until the early hours of the morning honing his skills.

Here are what netizens are saying about EXO’s Sehun, translated by KpopKfans:

1. [+418, -128] His dancing is not that special, either. He dances just as he was taught. I was so disappointed with his dancing at the year-end stage

2. [+411, -130] EXO-Ls claim that he’s in charge of dancing when people criticize his singing, but his dancing was really bad when he performed with Dongwoo, Tao and Hoya at the year-end stage

3. [+367, -110] Sehun is the top when it comes to bad singing. Other bad singers are better than Sehun

4. [+148, -7] I’m an EXO-L but Sehun needs to reflect. I went to their first two concerts and all Sehun sang was “E.X.O” but he was still breathless with his dancing. Kai was also criticized a lot. But this time, he practiced a lot so he got a lot of parts at the recent concert. But Sehun is not improving at all. He went to an amusement park when a comeback was only a few days away. His friend Tao has some parts in Chinese versions and he can do martial arts. But Sehun can’t do anything. He makes me so frustrated. He’s getting by his face only… He really needs to practice because he doesn’t look like a singer at all. He’s only a backup dancer

5. [+119, -3] We are not expecting EXO to be perfect. We’re just criticizing him for not even being average. He was a trainee since grade 6 and he debuted a few years ago but he’s still the same. Why would we expect him to be perfect when he’s not even average?

6. [+109, -47] He can’t sing or rap at all. His dancing is average. His face gets mixed opinions

7. [+83, -4] I also think the same thing. He can’t sing, can’t rap, and he slacks off dancing. I used to defend him and say it was his unique style but I don’t like him anymore. He should practice singing instead of hanging out with Hyumbin. He’s a singer, after all

8. [+79, -2] The fans don’t defend him, either. He rarely has any parts this time so the fans are telling him hard to practice singing and rapping but he doesn’t care. Or he’s ignoring them… Sehun, please stop hanging out and practice ㅠㅠ

9. [+67, -2] His voice is not suited for singing at all. His voice sounds weird so it’s not suited for rapping and singing. He’ll be singing only “E.X.O” for the rest of his life. Leave him

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