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Netizens dig up NCT Jaehyun’s past for dirt

Too bad for them, NCT’s Jaehyun is squeaky clean.

In fact, everything they’ve found on him makes me and other NCT fans love him even more.

Seriously, he’s such a sweetheart.

In a Cyworld post, he wrote on another person’s wall asking the person and someone else to form a music trio. Here’s what he wrote:

Netizen's dig up NCT Jaehyun's past for dirt 1

“Count me in too ㅠㅠ Let’s form a trio!ㅋㅋ I can play the guitar and keyboard a little~ㅋ”


Also, on Facebook, he sent a message to his best friend Minwoo, who was on his way to Australia to further his education.

Jaehyun provided a lot of helpful tips to make sure Minwoo adjusted easily in a completely different country/continent.

Netizen's dig up NCT Jaehyun's past for dirt 2

“To. Miles.M.Kim
I was really surprised at your sudden plans to go to Australia. Didn’t you ask how to speak English well a while back?
When I was in America, it was important to go up to good friends or hyungs for help. If you have good friends and hyungs, they’ll teach you a lot~ Of course it won’t be a problem for you… Also, you have to be actively involved~ Have a safe trip to Australia~ Let’s send emails~
P.S. I don’t know the spelling of your English name, so please understand even if it’s wrong… Fighting~!!!
Minwoo’s best friend,
Jung Jaehyun



And on a Starcraft forum, he politely asked other users how he could better improve himself as a player:

“Hello, I’m a player who uses Protoss.
It hasn’t been long since I started playing Starcraft I^^
I’d like to know how to summon dragoons and zealots more quickly like other users, can someone let me know~? It’s urgent!!ㅎㅎ
I’m looking forward to your helpful answers~”


1. How to merge 2 High Templar units
2. How to use Lightning Dash
3. How to make invisible units visible when using Protoss or Zergs
Please let me know^^ Thank you~ㅎㅎ”


Doesn’t he just make your heart swoon? I hope netizens continue to dig up Jaehyun’s past. Everyone could use the info as pick-me-ups throughout the day.

Netizen's dig up NCT Jaehyun's past for dirt 7

Translation credit: Koreaboo

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