Netizens: EXO’s early comeback may stir up sasaeng problems

It looks like the rumors of EXO’s impending comeback has gotten netizens all riled up.

While SM Entertainment has said that EXO’s comeback is still up in the air, netizens wouldn’t be surprised if SM Entertainment really did make EXO come back next month.

SM wants to capitalize on EXO’s immensely growing popularity as much as it can.

Netizens are worried that EXO’s comeback will cause sasaeng fans to go even crazier than they already have. I mean, the whole Baekhyun sasaeng incident is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

EXO only came back a few months ago, but they have already developed an incredible fanbase, as well as an insane sasaeng fanbase, one that netizens say rivals that of TVXQ and H.O.T.

Netizens EXO's early comeback may stir up Sasaeng problems

Netizens hoped that SM would give EXO a small break so that they can regain their energy. That, and with a little hiatus, hopefully the sasaeng fans would get bored and leave EXO alone.

But that just seems like wishful thinkig at the moment.

With another comeback, EXO’s popularity will continue to rise at a rapid pace, and with that their sasaeng fanbase will grow more and more. There may be more chaotic scenes like the event at Daejeon that caused EXO’s fansign event to be canceled.

While I’m sure a lot of us are happy to see EXO becoming insanely popular, we want them to have a break and we also want their sasaeng fans to cool down (or you know, just go away altogether).

Quite honestly, I really do think SM Entertainment is pushing for a November comeback. It would make EXO become million-seller idols, and it would also be an optimal time for EXO to announce its official fandom name and color, which they said they would announce sometime this year. It all aligns.

Check out the netizens’ comments below, translated by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+4,439, -130] Isn’t SM overworking them? They need to give the sasaengs time to get bored of them and leave!

2. [+4,060, -83] I’m scared the stupid fangirls are going to act up again…

3. [+2,790, -190] So when are they supposed to rest..

4. [+1,036, -22] The fans’ plan to make all of the sasaengs get bored and leave has failed

5. [+973, -35] Another comeback..? I’m an EXO fan myself but if they attend more events, I’m scared what new record their sasaengs will set this time

6. [+854, -67] SM’s really overworking them… I think this is crossing the line.. EXO’s already suffering from sasaengs, why add a tight schedule on top of that? ㅠㅠ

7. [+857, -112] EXO should worry more about managing their psycho fans

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