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Netizens find something new to nitpick about Taeyong


After his scandalous past, NCT’s Taeyong is under extreme scrutiny by netizens, so of course it was only a matter of time before they found something new to hate him over.

After NCT appeared on MBC’s FM4U yesterday, the boys were getting ready to leave and Taeyong… crumpled up his radio script.

Yes, I can see how that can be a bit rude, especially since the other members’ kept their scripts in great condition still (look at our cutie Jaehyun), but netizens are blowing Taeyong’s action way out of proportion.

You can see the gif of the incident below to judge for yourself.

Taeyong crumpling up radio script

Netizens are bringing out their pitchforks and verbally assaulting Taeyong in the comments section of Pann.

This was just after Taeyong apologized to his parents and started crying. You can see he’s still wiping away at his eyes in the gif.

I can see why people might think it’s rude that Taeyong crumpled up his script in front of the radio DJ and staff, but it’s not THAT horrible. The scripts were going to go in the trash anyway… Unless netizens thought that those scripts could be repurposed for another interview… or as fire kindling. Gosh, what a waste then… *sarcasm*.

What are your thoughts on this? Here are the netizens’, translated by TWICEISM:

1. [+278, -8] ??????????? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. He actually did this on scene at a radio recording???? That’s so disrespectful to the scriptwriters, how dare he does that to something they worked so hard on?

2. [+210, -7] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The only solution is for him to leave the group

3. [+147, -2] Why did SM debut this kid… you could also tell that the other members were really conscious of him on their reality show, he seems like a d*ck

4. [+103, -1] I have never seen a celebrity throw away a script like that at the scene of a recording

5. [+90, -1] Hul if I was the scriptwriter, I’d be like “what’s this ba$tard doing?”

6. [+78, -2] He just seems like a d*ck overall, the kind of guy who thinks it’s cool to treat girls poorly

7. [+64, -3] The more you know about him, the more Jaehyun seems like such a better person

8. [+62, -0] Like the best replies are saying, little actions like this are the ones that give a glimpse into who a person really is like on the regular ㅋㅋ He doesn’t think at all about how his actions will be viewed by others because he doesn’t have a brain in his head. No wonder he’s able to talk crap about other people’s parents so easily, he has no filter.

9. [+60, -0] Just a horrible person… imagine if he ever met a fat or ugly fan, all the crap he’d say behind her back..

10. [+50, -5] Hul, I interned briefly as a broadcast scriptwriter and what he did is extremely disrespectful. I was the total maknae intern and all I did was divide the scripts but I made sure that they weren’t wrinkled when they were handed out. Normally rookies try so hard to get on the scriptwriter’s good side so for a rookie to act like this…

11. [+50, -0] How comparable to the member next to him

12. [+45, -0] He’s definitely going to cause a scandal later on


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