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Netizens suspect EXO Sehun of dating

First off, congrats to EXO’s Sehun for buying his very first car! And it’s a beautiful car at that.

But apparently if an idol buys a car, it means that there’s a high chance that they’re dating…? Sehun buying a car = him having a girlfriend in the eyes of netizens.

Word has it that there are certain levels of behavior that point to an idol dating, and Sehun has just reached level 5… which stands for “pretty much confirmed”.

Now that’s news to me, and Dispatch is said to have bumped Sehun to the top of their list.

Netizens suspect EXO's Sehun of having a girlfriend

EXO’s Sehun purchased the luxurious Mercedes Benz GLK 220… and expensive car especially for someone who is only 20 years old. Netizens are raving with jealousy.

But setting their jealousy aside, they’re micro-inspecting Sehun’s car… noticing that its windows are pretty tinted meaning that it’s “more concealing of the activities that will happen inside”.

But honestly, it feels like the netizens are just reaching at this point with their dating rumors and their suspicions.

Maybe Sehun just wants to drive around without having to rely on his manager for rides or having to walk everywhere.

Here are what netizens are saying about EXO’s Sehun’s new wheels, translation thanks to Ayoshiari:

[+171 -5] Rather than dating what hits my reality the most is how could he buy a Benz like that at the age of 20. Seriously, he lives in a different world than us.  Waow.

[+142 -44] When idols buy a car, the probability of them dating is 95%……………………….

[+103 -44] When idols buy a car?

[+60 -0] Tint your window thickly and dont driving while drunk. Sehun, I hope you wont involve in accident. I dont care whoever sits beside you but I wish it’s not Hyunbin with his girlsㅠㅠ

[+58 -9] If it’s that Benz type, he can’t open the cover lid. Sehun, close the car door tightly

[+54 -4] Well, he can buy it tho. What? Do you think he should drive a cultivator instead?

[+48 -3] By the way, when idols bought car, their names move on top of Dispatch list. Sehun, be careful. Watch out when driving and dont be caught up. Drive well.

[+46 -3] Hey, to be honest, isnt that car was bought by us? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋfucking proud

ㄴWhether fans bought it or whoever it’s just the sameㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ idol is a job who lives and eats from

fans’ money

ㄴWhy do we were the one who bought it? Then employees who work in Samsung and buy car means that

people who bought Samsung products giving them car? Please stop being self-conceited. EXO was having

a hard time for the past years. EXO would feel hurt if they read these kind of comments.

[+40 -0] I’m not afraid my kokoro will chasten to know who’s going to sit beside him, but I’m only surprised how a 94-er can drive such Benz….

[+37 -1] I dont care whether he drives or not as long as he is being careful of drunk-driving

[+36 -4] You can date without car. Look at Baekhyun.

[+36 -24] Who’s the person going to be driven around by him

[+27 -3] Just dont open the cover and kissing. Giving EXO-Ls 2nd mental breakdown is a big dame dame! (t/n: Japanese. Means ‘no good’ or ‘dont do that’)

[+23 -0] He obtained his driving license so he bought a car with his own money. What’s with these commotion? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+22 -6] Even with no car, as long as the significant other has, you can do every thingㅋㅋ

[+19 -3] The money to buy that Benz was 95% coming from fangirls’ bankbook, right?

[+17 -2] Do you think as long he bought car it means he must be dating? Fuck.He could be buy it because he wants to. What’s wrong with you guys;;


[+15 -0] I’m the same age as Sehun but it really hits my reality. Right after I finished my school year, I have to earn money to pay my next semester. During hard time when I can’t gather tuition fees, I take out student loan.  When semester starts, I have to work part-time. This is my life, but when I see the same age like driving Benz… it really hits my reality hard.


Here is the different levels of signs that idols are dating, thanks to NetizenBuzz:

Level ★ [bigger chance of it being something else]
– Lives on their cellphone
– Has three different cellphones (lover/business/regular)

Level ★★ [grounds for suspicion]
– Highly emotional in interviews
– Often talks about wanting to rest or go on vacation
– Clothing style changes (or begins to pay more attention to style)
– Spotted often with other celebrities

Level ★★★ [suspicious]
– Ideal person suddenly changes
– Ideal person becomes more detailed (previously: as long as she’s pretty, as long as she’s nice, as long as he matches me -> now: I like personalities like ***, fashion style like ***, someone with pretty ankles, etc)
– Spotted making a unique physical gesture repeatedly on TV
– Wears certain accessories for long periods of time (aside from fan gifts)

Level ★★★★ [warning]
– Gets a driver’s license
– Spotted out and about late and night/early morning

Level ★★★★★ [pretty much confirmed]
– Buys a car


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