Netizens trash Lay for missing comeback press conference

Lay couldn’t attend EXO’s comeback press conference for EXODUS tonight because he’s in China filming for his movie.

Of course, once netizens caught wind of this, they immediately went to the comment section of news articles shouting “traitor” and readying their pitchforks.

They’re saying silly things like he has so many promotions in China, he’s probably preparing to defect from the group too.

EXO-L tried to chime in and clear the air, but netizens wouldn’t hear any of it. Instead, they downvoted any comment in support of Lay.

Netizens trash EXO Lay for not showing up to exo showcase exodus

I honestly can’t understand the stupidity of netizens.

Their logic is just completely beyond me.

Here are what netizens are saying, translated by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+291, -64] Are you… planning something too?

2. [+221, -49] Is he trying to betray too? That’s not allowed.

3. [+35, -16] Is.. he?

4. [+28, -13] Again? ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+27, -19] He’s filming a movie, don’t misunderstand

6. [+26, -13] I liked Lay but it’s hard to like him anymore after what happened with Luhan and Wu Yifan ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+20, -3] Lay’s been promoting individually in China a lot. On a lot of different variety shows. I think he’ll have a career in China later.

8. [+20, -23] He’s in China for a movie filming… don’t make up rumors.

Well let’s not let these ignorant netizens ruin EXO’s special day. This is their comeback day and they’re getting ready to dominate the charts.

Are you enjoying EXODUS so far?

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