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Netmarble becomes 2nd largest shareholder in BTS’ company

Netmarble has just become the 2nd largest shareholder in BTS‘ company, Big Hit Entertainment.

Netmarble currently holds 25.71% of Big Hit Entertainment’s shares, with the estimated value being $189.3 million or 201.4 billion won.

Netmarble commented on their huge investment in Big Hit Entertainment, saying, 

“Big Hit Entertainment is a rapidly growing company that has had collaborations with Netmarble in the gaming industry. We anticipate that the synergy between Netmarble and Big Hit Entertainment will continue to expand with our further investment.”

Big Hit Entertainment also commented, saying, 

“We’re happy that a global business like Netmarble is participating as a major shareholder in Big Hit Entertainment. A more stable operation is now possible by working with an investor that offers both a financial perspective as well as a strategic viewpoint. We believe that working with Netmarble will be very helpful as they have an abundance of experience with intellectual property rights in the gaming industry.”

Netmarble already has plans for a game featuring BTS called “BTS World“. It was announced in February and fans are anticipating its release.

With Netmarble’s continued investment in BTS‘ company, we can probably expect to see more collaborations between BTS and the games that Netmarble offers.

If you’re not familiar with Netmarble as a gaming company, here are some notable games that they have in their repertoire:

  • Gunz: The Duel
  • Dragon Ball Online
  • Grandchase
  • LINE’s Get Rich
  • Lineage 2: Revolution
  • Marvel: Future Fight
  • Queen’s Blade
  • SD Gundam Capsule Fighter
  • Soulking
  • Star Wars: Force Arena
  • Tera M

They’re very experienced in both PC games as well as mobile games.

We look forward to their work with Big Hit Entertainment.


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