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Netmarble’s “Taming the Monsters” now includes EXO-like characters


The KakaoTalk game, “Taming the Monsters“, is stepping up its marketing game by including playable EXO characters!

With the addition of these characters, “Taming the Monsters” hopes to draw in a lot more gamers (most likely female).

But from looking at the gameplay of “Taming the Monsters”, it doesn’t seem as though it needs any extra help getting people to play.

The game looks like a load of fun and super-enjoyable when you’re trying to kill time.

Kakao Talk's Taming the Monsters adds EXO characers to the game

KakaoTalk’s “Taming the Monster” is a 3D action-RPG game that in a way outclasses many of the games currently on the Android/iPhone market.

You can select from a variety of unique characters to “tame monsters” with. All characters come with their own set of skills and traits.

You run around the game’s map and dungeons beating up monsters, leveling up, and just becoming an all-around awesome fighter.

The new EXO characters are a nice, welcomed addition.

The only critique I have about them is that they are pretty much all the same avatar. The only difference is their hair colors. If only they gave one of the avatars a rainbow-colored hairstyle... then we’d at least know who Sehun is.

If you haven’t tried out Netmarble’s “Taming the Monsters”, I highly recommend you check it out.

Credit: Kor_Celebrities

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