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New EXO reality show “Legend” to air in early August!

Update: Mnet tweeted that the show may air in September instead of August. It’s all good though because we’ll still have EXO 90: 2014 to watch!

It looks like EXO has been keeping busy! They’re set to have a new reality show called Legend, with it’s 1st episode already recorded and ready to air in early August!

This new reality show will take a different route compared to EXO’s Showtime, with EXO filming episodes with special guests!

We don’t know exactly what this new reality show will be all about.

What we do know, however, is that the premiere episode for Legend will feature the legendary Shinhwa as special guests!

New EXO reality show Legends first episode with Shinhwa

We believe that his show will center around EXO and their senior artists.

Considering how there aren’t too many senior artists out there, their new reality series might be a short one like EXO’s Showtime.

We hope that they have an episode with Super Junior.

It’d be amazing to see these two huge SM boy groups mess around with each other.

The series will be produced by CJ E&M and will be broadcast through Mnet.

Stay tuned for Legend!

We know that EXO’s charms synchronized with their senior artists’ will create for some amazing episodes.

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