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New Kpop Rookie group M.Pire debuts with “Carpe Diem”


A new Kpop Rookie group has arrived on the scene, and this one is taking on a dual concept. They go by the name M.Pire, which could either mean Empire (which is how it’s pronounced), or Music Vampires (which is the concept that they’re going for). This group is a 6-member group under Benjamin Entertainment, and their motto is that they need music to continue living.

The members of the group include leader/lead vocalist Taehee, rapper Seo Yooseung, sub-vocalist Haru, vocalist Red, main vocalist T.O, and rapper Jerry.

M.Pire debuted with their new single album “Carpe Diem”, with the title track called “Can’t be friends with you”.  It is a nice, catchy R&B track that showcases each and every member’s individual charms. Also for being a relatively new group, the members show off some impressive choreography for this song. The music video for the song was supposed to be released yesterday, however it seems that Benjamin Entertainment is lagging behind.

M.Pire debuts with their single album Carpe Diem

K-pop fans have been waiting for M.Pire to debut ever since they witnessed the group’s performance at the 2013 Dream Concert. Unfortunately, the group’s line-up of members has changed a bit since then. One of the original members of the group, Kangon, decided to leave M.Pire in order to rejoin with his former group, M.Peror (no relation), again. To replace him, T.O was brought in. The group also had another member named eKang, but he left shortly before the group’s appearance at the Dream Concert. There’s no real explanation as to why eKang left. It was said that he slowly stopped being active, and just silently left the group.

Hopefully the 6 current members of M.Pire stay exactly where they are, because we all know how risky it can be for a K-pop group to constantly change members (ahem T-ARA). Check out M.Pire’s debut track “Can’t be friends with you” below. We will also have their debut performance on M! Countdown uploaded later on today.

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