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New LINE TV “EXO Next Door” Banners!


LINE TV is stepping up the marketing for EXO’s upcoming web drama “EXO Next Door“!

More banners of the upcoming series have been seen around South Korea, enticing fan girls everywhere to watch the new series premiering on April 9th!

Of course, these banners are also supposed to entice fan girls to check out all of LINE’s other products.

You can expect this series to feature LINE product placement very often, kind of like in EXO’s SurpLINEs.


EXO Next Door will prominently feature Chanyeol and D.O as the male leads with Baekhyun and Sehun as supporting characters.

The other EXO members will be in the series as well, but in more minor roles.

You can check out the character profiles for each member here!

From the descriptions, it sounds like there might be some fan service for Baekyeol fans everywhere.

EXO Next Door will only air for around 16 episodes, but perhaps it can also be extended depending on how many fan girls tune in.

Source: @Ida_Hedaaya

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