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Newsen Has Released a Bunch of Fun Blind Items

There’s something so fun about blind items.

News companies release dirty secrets and rumors about unidentified celebrities, and netizens go about trying to figure out who the celebrities are.

And these netizens are good at it too.

Like a little too good.

Here are 2018’s blind items released by Newsen, translated by Kpop Kfans. Can you guess who is who?

1) A popular female idol G, who has pretty looks, dates male idols endlessly. She also dated a popular idol H. G and H broke up because H didn’t focus on G and played games during their relationship. G badmouths H and calls him a “poop car”. G has also dated a male idol I who is bi. I has also dated a male idol J. The female idol G and the male idol J were rivals to win I’s heart. Their triangular relationship is said to be the highest level of idols’ love world. (Nov 11, source)

2) Actor C is a “national actor” with his good-natured image. However, C is rude and violent. C is infamous for hitting both male hoobaes and female hoobaes. C and a top actress D had a physical fight of slapping each other when they were both drunk. Hoobae E used to be very close to C, but E said he will “never face sunbae C again” and rejects any project with C in it. (Nov 11, source)

3) Another same-company couple is coming from idols. A popular male idol who is also a scandal maker, idol E, managed to seduce his company hoobae F who is much younger. F’s group is an anticipated girl group and F is the visual of her group. She’s also getting hit by a lot of male idols. F was seen to be going in and out of E place so many times. The residents even thought F and E were siblings. It won’t be too long until we see pictures of F running to E’s place with a hat, a mask, and a pants-less outfit. (June 5, source)

4) (gender-neutral) G is a top actor who has a mysterious private life and does movies and CFs only. G is known for showing up at brand events briefly and getting $x0,000 by cash. G was seen at a brand event after a while. A journalist who knew G personally approached G who was talking to other celebrities. The journalist asked friendly, “How have you been?” but G only nodded and left the spot. G ignored all other journalists in the same manner. It turned out that G acted like that because the contract said, “G will attend the event and be paid by gifts and cash” and didn’t mention that G should talk to the journalists. The journalists were furious and asked, “So G thinks he/she should be paid more for saying hi to us?” (June 5,source)

5) Troublemaker idol H is making people worried. H is an idol who used to be big and had to reflect for his controversies. People thought H matured finally, but he started going to ten pro bars again a few months ago. He became SNS friends with the workers and is friends with them. The problem is that H’s new friends include those who were accused of drugs. People are worried that H will even end up doing drugs. If H gets into a scandal again, it will be impossible for him to have a comeback. (June 5, source)

6) Actresses C and D, who are having a comeback in a drama, are having silent fights. When both were announced to be cast in the same drama, people were worried that the drama will go badly. C’s defensive attitude against her sunbae D is beyond people’s imagination. When D pays for a food truck at the drama shoot, C calls the casts and the staff and tells them to not eat from the truck. C calls the script writer everyday and tells her, “Don’t meet up with D privately and drink with her, you’ll get bad rumors.” C also lobbies the writer with brand purses. (May 24, source)

7) Actor A is known to be a devoted husband and he’s getting good responses from his recent drama comeback. However, while filming the drama, he’s said to be dating two women and causing trouble to the filming. He would rent a motel room near the filming place and sleep with a college girl and a madam. A didn’t show up to a morning shoot one day, causing his company director to come and beg to the drama PD. The PD grabbed the director’s hair and screamed to die together. The director sobbed and said they checked around 20 motels because they didn’t know where A was. A is also hitting on an actress in the same drama and telling her “I can just break up later if marriage gets boring.” (May 24, source)

8) Actor B gets good responses with his neat looks and good character. However, B’s manager is infamous for abusing his power. In the recent project, B’s manager is making everything centred on B. An idol member who is starring in the same project is even adjusting his concert schedule according to B’s schedule. Another actor in the project is promoting the project alone because B isn’t doing any promotion. (May 24, source)

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